Saturday, 27 December 2008

Ground 106: Arnott Stadium

Durham City versus Newcastle Blue Star, a top-of-the-tableish clash in the Unibond North. I'd lost all feeling in my feet by the time a chubby Paul Brayson (once the next big thing at Newcastle United) angled a shot across the keeper to put Blue Star ahead. There was a lesbian couple leaning on the metal rail, a man dressed like a berber and, in the seats behind, someone with uncombed hair kept up a running monologue until Durham's second goal. "Are you going back to Durham? Do you have a car? 'Cos if I can get back to Durham, my mother will pick me up."
"He's played with some top class referees. George Courtney, Keith Hackett. Good referee was Keith."

Tickets: £6
Date: Boxing Day, 2008

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