Inspired by the memory of a 1985 mini-cruise to Esbjerg and 1990s European aways with Newcastle United, my last meaningful act of the 20th century was to leave Britain for Daejeon, South Korea, where I adopted the local football club and inflicted Northern vowel sounds on impressionable students of English. Since worked in Seoul, Tokyo, Northern Bohemia, Sicily, Riga, Hangzhou, rural Austria, Elche, Odessa, Ukraine, and Nagoya, Japan, as well as - not quite so exotically - South Shields, Manchester, Denbighshire, Nottingham and York. Still waiting to see a team win a trophy; beginning to think it might be me.

Twitter:  @DolphinHotel

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  1. Hi there - I am working on a new non-league football magazine and putting together a piece on groundhoppers, would be great to speak to you. Could you send an e-mail to pmartin3@sheffield.ac.uk if you're up for it? Thanks!